Raw and cooked Sicilian red prawns, crispy amaranth, taggiasca olive oil foam and beetroot sorbet€ 40.00

Belly tuna fish, lettuce, almond, capper’s powder and green olive € 40.00

Chanterelles mushrooms, dill and mushrooms crunchy€ 30.00

Potato roll, bagna cauda sauce and caviar Calvisius Siberian Royal€ 40.00

Veal trip, composed of green apple and coriander€ 30.00

First Courses

Rigatoni pasta, parsley mayonnaise, mussels, clams and hard clams€ 24.00

Risotto with raw shrimp and shellfish coral€ 35.00

Lasagna of pigeon€ 38.00

Spaghetti of Kamut, herbs sauce and sea snails€ 28.00

Main courses

Sole meunière with chard and candy cedar€ 48.00

Lobster in two services: tail with spinach and sesame claws with daikon, rhubarb and smoked tuna broth € 60.00

Roasted suckling lamb shoulder, leek and black garlic€ 40.00

Japanese Wagyu beef, guacamole, green onion and paprika’s puffed potatoes€ 85.00

Roasted veal sweetbread, broad beans, green peas and red onion€ 40.00


Cassata€ 20.00

Chocolate Pipe and Coffee Ice Cream € 20.00

Chocolate soufflé, fior di latte ice cream (min. two people)€ 25.00

Mango and Yogurt Egg€ 20.00

Cherry and elder€ 20.00

Broth tasting Menu€ 135.00

Edible crab broth with herbs and lemongrass, edible crab, belgian endive and vegetables

Slipper lobster broth, ravioli with garlic, olive oil and chili pepper

Broth of Grana Padano, potato and pepper spaghetti, shallot and summer truffle

Tomato broth, grilled aubergine and basil sauce

Prosciutto crudo broth, cod peeled, parsley bread and radish

Green olives broth, ray fish and roasted endive

Duck’s vervaine broth, Nantaise duck, purple carrot, cornelian cherries and hazelnut

Chocolate broth, milk sandwich, kumquat and black sesame

Apple with black tea broth, mango roll and smoked tea ice cream

Tasting Menu€ 125.00

Scallops with licorice

Shrimp’s salad and smoked almond

Risotto in pizzaiola style and mozzarella water (winner as Best Risotto of the year for Le Guide de l'Espresso 2017)

Eel fish, marinated red cabbage, salted yogurt and bay powder

Crispy suckling pig, pear mustard, roasted leek and coffee sauce

Veal liver with red turnip and balsamic vinegar

Grapefruit salad, cocoa and ginger sorbet

Chocolate, mint and sage